The colours and finishes available with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating are loved by architects the world over. They’ve been successfully used for washroom fittings such as door hardware and locks for years, but only recently has the process been applied to taps, dispensers and other washroom accessories.

The process of PVD coating was originally developed to create a very hard-wearing, corrosion and tarnish resistant finish on metal components, used in high- performance applications in the automotive and marine industries. More recently, it has become increasingly popular in the interiors world to coat products with an elegant metallic finish, mimicking much more expensive materials that would be impractical in the circumstance, and offering a more durable alternative to powder coating. Most importantly, PVD provides a sustainable solution for projects where building performance and environmental responsibility are a key consideration. Unlike other coating processes, PVD has no toxic by- products.

It is a labour-intensive process, involving a product being disassembled, the individual parts being hung up and put through a nine-step cleaning process. Sound- wave vibrations and chemicals then work together to prepare the surface for coating. Once clean and dry, the parts are taken to the PVD chamber where reactive gases such as nitrogen and acetylene are used in combination with metal ions to form a very thin metal alloy that coats the parts.Variation in the metallic ions used create the different colour options.

Select Dolphin products can be supplied in a choice of six stunning PVD colours.

To see the range of colour options, visit our Clerkenwell showroom or contact one of our PVD experts to discuss your project.