Your washroom fittings deserve nothing less than the finest finishing. Dolphin’s washroom product finishes can be applied to a wide variety of products, and by exploring our range, you have the luxury choices of which special finishes are best suited for your project.

View our product finishes, special coatings, textures, and colours available in the Dolphin range.

Colour range

Dolphin’s colour range in the various finishes is unique, trending, and provides an enormous variety of colours that are guaranteed to give you ample choices of shades to select from.


Our Ceramic colour range includes sophisticated shades from Carbon Black to Metallic Copper, ideal for today’s modern washroom.

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Physical Vapour Deposition

PVD is available in Antique Bronze, Black, Brass, Bronze, Rose Gold, Gold, and Copper.

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Polyester Powder Coated

PPC is available in the full range of UK RAL colours with different textures and gloss levels.

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Types of finishes and special coatings we offer:

The elegance of Ceramic coating

The introduction of Ceramic coating is a favourite finish amongst Dolphin’s clients as it is a brand new standard in quality, performance, and application diversity.

Its exceptional material composition protects your washroom fittings against scuffs and scratches, which means less maintenance is needed to keep the flawless look.

This is one of the most durable specialty finishes on the market.

It is a hydrophobic material which means it does not absorb water and repels liquid elements.

Explore our bespoke product range that boasts the elegance and power of a Ceramic coating.

The charm of Physical Vapour Deposition

Taps, soap dispensers, and other washroom accessories coated in a PVD finish continue to be a growing trend. The coating is hard-wearing which makes it an ideal finish for commercial washrooms.

A popular choice loved by Architects and Designers, it offers an elegant metallic finish that is sustainable and durable. The thinner coating is surprisingly tough to withstand harsh chemical elements.

Fun fact: This high-quality finish may be applied to coat the parts within a Formula 1 car and high-end watches as it enhances their endurance.

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The beauty of Polyester Powder Coatings

If you are looking for a special finish that will add a beautiful layer of protection to your taps and washroom accessories, then a powder coated finish is the ideal choice.

Powder resin particles act as metal laminates to protect your taps from water saturation and discoloration. A powder coat finish allows you to add spectacular colours and patterns while adding strength to those taps without leaving any solvents or binding chemicals that prove harmful to the environment.

This scratch-resistant finish is a popular and cost-effective solution. The finish keeps its appearance over time and the strong molecules in polyester also help the coating to remain free from moisture. Powder coating can also be found in home appliances and white goods. It provides a durable and attractive finish that is timeless and reliable.

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Which washroom products can the finishes be applied to?

*Please note that not all products within each range can be coated. Please contact us regarding your requirements.

Ceramic coatingPhysical Vapour DepositionPolyester Powder Coated
Flush plates
Soap dispensers
Hand Dryers
Paper towel dispensers
Toilet roll holder
Washroom accessories
Combination units


Ceramic coating is higher in cost compared to PPC but is cheaper than PVD. This unique coating is great value for money and adds a competitive edge to your washroom design.

Physical Vapour Deposition may be costly, but it also depends on the fitting you want it applied to. A custom coated washroom product, for example, will no doubt have an impact on your budget too.

Polyester Powder Coated is one of the most cost-effective washroom product finishes. The competitive cost does not equate to substandard quality so you can be assured this is a reliable choice.