If you are looking for a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing solution that adds a protective layer of beauty to any washroom fitting, then powder coating for washroom products is the ideal choice.

Powder resin particles act as metal laminates, safeguarding washroom products against water saturation and discolouration while also boosting their strength, all without leaving any solvents or binding chemicals that might harm the environment.

Polyester powder coatings can also be found in home appliances and white goods. It provides a durable and attractive finish that is timeless and reliable.

Dolphin powder coating for washroom products is TGIC-free, resistant to physical and chemical stress and can withstand wear and tear. It is a flexible coating that can absorb impacts, thus reducing the risk of breakage or damage. These qualities make PPC suitable for various applications where durability is essential.

PPC colour range and finish codes

A powder coat finish allows you to add spectacular colours and patterns, transforming your washroom fittings into eye-catching works of art. Powder coating finishes keep their appearance over time and the strong molecules in polyester also help the coating to remain free from moisture.

If you are ready to specify a washroom product in powder coating, please use the code outlined in the table below:

Powder Coating CodeColour
5Please contact us for the specific codes.

Our team will help you in selecting the appropriate polyester powder coating gloss levels and powder coating RAL colours that best suit your needs.

Example of how to specify codes

Here is an illustrative example detailing how to specify the codes for your washroom fittings. Consider the following example featuring an InForm strataplate tap or strataplate soap dispenser:

(leave blank for standard strataplate)
Example code:







Which washroom products can be coated in PPC?

Although PPC coating may not be applicable to every washroom product within our ranges, please don't hesitate to contact us with your specific needs. Our team of washroom consultants will help you explore the available options.

The product ranges where a PPC finish can be applied include:

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